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About our 8U teams


Generally 1st and 2nd graders fall into our 8U category. 

How do Games Look

Players hit off of pitching machines set just about as slow as possible and bat through the entire lineup every inning. 3 innings of play is standard if time allows. Coaches of the defensive team are the umpires. If 5 or 6 pitches have not been hit by the batter a tee is brought out for them to hit off.

What is Taught

Think of the 8U division as a step up from tee ball but still focused on the basics of the basics of the game.

In addition to general fundamentals to help them excel and keep them safe from injury, the girls will learn:

  • Baserunning (how to, when to, and where to run)

  • What a force out is and when you have to tag a runner

  • What balls and strikes are

  • What sportsmanship is and how to show it

  • How to support their teammates and work together as a team


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